Sunday, September 6, 2009



HUm014, nakakatamad naman!!!!...???

AMPZ, It was only my FIRST impression, hehehe. Anyway, before that, let me talk about what happened to me why I'm absent at the first day of the class of hum014. Actually when I encoded what is written in my advice slip last summer, I didn't notice that it was hum013, anuh ba yan, pasado nako d2 ihhh??? I encode it and attended the first day of the class in hum013, there when ma'am Desacado saw me, she was shock and I was shock too(hahahaha), there she told me that I already passed that course...ay naman, BAdtrip ako ni2...XD, then she told me to revised it, after that the registrar told me what humanities course should I replace to hum013, there was two available, hum012 and hum014, they told me that hum012 is about philosophy and hum014 is about Lit...wala akong mapagpiliian kasi mahirap philosophy taz boring Lit..there I decided to took hum014...hehehe...what a wonderful journey I took...XD

Then, my first day of hum014 class starts(aytz buti nlng may kilala ako..ROSA-LEA!!!). Actually my first impression to ma'am eduarte was a strict professor...TAKOT TLGA AKO...hehehe...piz ma'am...I remember I also told it to lea...hehehe. But I was wrong, she is very caring, patient and understanding...

Here, I discovered many friends, there's Lea our protagonist, ROSA...XD she is the first person I only know there, then eventually Lara YOU SHOULD BE!! YOU KNOW WHY???2x, hahaha, I remember we first knew each other because of the word "ROYAL BLOOD", hehehe...and we became close because I always tease her about lee mark, then the 3rd person I became close to was Edward aka "ANGHEL" hehehe...o baka namang ANGHET hahaha...joke time...we became close because I remember my closest friend in MCL in him, they have a BIG SIMILARITIES in terms of attitude...hahaha...anuh tol???(pertaining to Niño, the other class of hum014)...parehas silang ANG TAHIMIK at ANG LABO NG MATA...XD then, there's Noel...nagulat tlga ko d2...I didn't realize that we are also classmate in first I'm wondering why he knew me, then that time I realize that he is the "YEAH" of HUM014...hahaha...the 5th is Nikko and Lee Mark, I knew nikko because he always praise my farm in farmville...facebook game, and Lee Mark because of the "PUPPIE SCANDAL" hahahaha...Then the 6th is the company of MEG, ABIE and DOM, I knew meg because of she is the brightest mind in class, I'm always amaze when she answers question, then i know abie because I was impress of her artworks, when she draw animes, then Dom when ma'am talked about "ANG MGA VIOLET NA SNOWFLAKES" hahaha...ndi na pinag usapan ung picture???...hehe...then Mheriz aka MERMER!!! hehehe...We became close because of it, jobelle(one of my friend) told me that I should call her MERMER!!!...hehehe...then Jordan, I remember when he was almost hit by a truck when we go out and buy a wire for the tartanilla of LEA AND EDWARD...hehehe...that's all, for those who I didn't know alot, it's just the arrangement of the chairs...hahaha..nanisi ba??? layo nyo kasi...ndi aman kasi ako sanay na lumalayo sa upuan ko...hahaha...

To ma'am Eduarte, I really ashame of my first impression about to her, hehehe...ang bait bait bait 3x niu make all our meetings memorable and precious, you thought all of us about things about Philippine Literature, and most of all, how to LOVE PHILIPPINE LITERATURE.

this game is about how you are close to me in HUM014...hehehe

1.) how childish am I???
a. 100%
b. 70%
c. 30%

2.) what is my role in the play Servant Girl???
a. Anghel
b. The One who is Pulling the horse
c. Sancho
d. The Engine of the Tartanilla

3.) what kind of fragrance I have???
c. WLANG AMOY..haha
d. MALAY KO...

4.) what other character I suggest in servant girl???
a. Bumbero
b. Bato
c. Extra
d. ewan

IF you answered 4 b's then you are perfectly outstanding...hahaha...ibig sabihin close tyo...XD if you answered 3 b's cguro malayo lng ng konti ang upuan muh sa upuan ko...hehehe...if you answered 2 b's ibig sabihin nanuod ka lng ng play namin kaya muh alam...XD if you answered 1-0 b's wawa ka naman, ndi muh nakilala ang nag iisang LEX ng HuM014...hehehe...nang hula ka lng ibig sabihin...XP

Monday, August 10, 2009


I think that Maningning Miclat's poem "Laughter" is a poem of irony, it somewhat tells that her laughter is her only strength to all of her problems, it shows that all her problems was covered only through her laughter.

It makes sense that most of her problems was not been resolved, and maybe those problems are emotional problems such as family problems that cannot easily be resolve.

In the poem there is someone besides her that tells some of his experience, but she just laugh about it. It can makes sense that he is somewhat very close to maningning because of being thought about an experience of him. But even the closes friend of her left her.

therefore, I think that maningning's life is not a happy life to be acknowledge. Besides she commit suicide.

Pachelbel Canon (piano) - Yanni Instrumental

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ma'am, this is the first poem I created


A dagger plunges my heart
Leaving me in cold dark night
Inside me, a wounded knight
I played my cello, tonight

ma'am the second line "Leaving me in cold dark night" is the result of break up after that time, then he was left by the girl and that describes the 2nd line. I hope that answered the question of how they relate...^_^

by the way ma'am,

the "cannon" is the deadly weapon...and the "canon" is the one that is being played as the background song...hope you like the "canon of pachelbel", it's only a piano version but, there's a lot of version of "canon" for different instrument such as cello and violin...^_^

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The story of Estrella Alfon the "Servant Girl" for me is a realistic one, it can happens any time now.

Rosa portraits the womanhood in the society, especially those who are discriminated and abuse. Young, beautiful innocent girl who is been abuse by her mistress. I think that Estrella Alfon is a feminist writer, even though the protagonist in the story is an abuse servant, for me the story shows a protest among women discrimination through Rosa.

As I read the story the man called "Angel" is just an imagination of Rosa's hope to become free and have a better life, she use his "Angel" to hold onto her hope that her life will be different. The "Angel" shows the future that Rosa's wanted to have, and besides, Angel is a word that can be describe as a savior.

But in the ending, the "Angel" turns into "Pedro", and Pedro is just an ordinary name just like the role he portrait in the story, Pedro is not the hope nor the savior of Rosa's life but, he is just a mere cochero of his tartanilla. He is just a citizen who work for a living, and at the ending, even Pedro himself drove Rosa back to her mistress which shows that he can't do anything about her life.

I entitled this post "Absolute Obedience" because, the story shows that the life we have is already planned, even though we wanted to change our life, we will still be in the life that we used to be, we only need is to obey the one who planned our life and accept our fate. If you are born servant then die as a servant, if you are born as ruler then die as a ruler. If we try to escape our fate we will just end up in the fate we left. It's the rule of our World, It's the rule of ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Nicomedes Márquez Joaquín

usually known as Nick Joaquin (May 4, 1917April 29, 2004), was a Filipino writer, historian and journalist, best known for his short stories and novelsEnglish language. He also wrote using the pen name Quijano de Manila. Joaquin was conferred the rank and title of National Artist of the Philippines for Literature.

Famous Work:
Tatarin, a movie based on Philippine National Artist Nick Joaqin’s short story The Summer Solstice, was directed by Amable “Tikoy” Aguiliz and released in 2001.

Marjorie Evasco

an award- winning Filipino poet, born in Maribojoc, Bohol in September 21, 1953. She writes in two languages: English and Cebuano-Visayan and is a supporter of womens' rights, especially of women writers. Marjorie Evasco is one of the earliest Filipina feminist poets.

Famous Work:

Dreamweavers: Selected Poems 1976-1986 (1987) and Ochre Tones: Poems in English and Cebuano (1999)


Evasco has received several Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards, National Book Awards from the Manila Critics' Circle.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

LITERATURE: what it is, and why is it important?

Literature express thoughts, ideas and emotions, thus...

Philippine Literature is Filipinos PRIDE...

Lex San Jose
Hum014 - A14